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How Smart Hospital Bed Features Improve Patient Care

How Smart Hospital Bed Features Improve Patient Care

The potential of a smart hospital bed makes it a popular choice for modern hospitals, nursing homes, end-of-life care facilities, and intensive care units. While each model has specific features, these beds help improve wellness outcomes and the caregiver experience.

Let’s explore some of the possibilities of these high-performance bed systems and why they are so desirable in healthcare settings today.

  • Improving Care
  • Hands-Free Nurse Calling
  • Minimizing Wires
  • Automatically Tracking Vitals
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Bed Exit Alarms

Smart Hospital Beds Report Vitals Remotely

When someone is in the hospital, it is often challenging enough to get some rest between lab techs, doctors, and nurses stopping in to “check” various patient statistics.

However, a smart hospital bed can help minimize those disruptions by remotely providing medical staff with accurate readings of vital functions. Furthermore, this feature helps improve cooperation between the medical team to elevate the patient’s level of safety and care while improving efficiency.

Wireless Technology Removes Common Challenges

Facilities that haven’t embraced the beauty of smart hospital beds still have to deal with many wires to monitor each patient. This is inconvenient for nursing staff and aides and is generally a challenge for the patient wrangling with those wires.

Smart beds can efficiently and accurately keep track of vitals.

  • Patient Pulse
  • Respiration and Breathing
  • Body Temperature
  • Circulation

Sensor chips within these beds take the strain off patients and caregivers by offering immediate reports to staff and doctors should a reading be “off” or if a fast response is necessary.

Clear Data for Both Patients and Caregivers

Smart hospital beds typically have an iPad attached to them. The iPad displays a patient’s current medical data and displays alert signs and status indicators that allow all parties to be apprised of the occupant’s status continually.

This is possible due to wireless sensors under the mattress that take the place of wearable heart monitors, pulse and blood pressure readers, and other key vitals.

The Smart Bed Interface Makes Monitoring A Breeze

With precise data available immediately, any sudden deterioration in the patient’s condition is detected quickly and increases the speed of medical intervention. Even the nurse can be called through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with specific instructions concerning what the patient needs for faster response times to streamline the patient’s experience.

The GUI on smart hospital beds has other innovative features that make note of a patient’s position via iBed Awareness. Should parameters be compromised or the need to shift the patient is sensed, the bed can make automatic adjustments or notify caregivers.

  • Bed Exit Alarm
  • Foot Elevation
  • Scale Functions
  • Air Treatment Surface Adjustments

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