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Top 10 Used & Refurbished Hospital Beds

Top Refurbished Hospital Beds

At Gumbo Medical, we deliver fully refurbished high-quality medical equipment and hospital beds to educational and medical care facilities nationwide. In an age where healthcare providers must do everything that they can to stretch their budget, it can be hard to find clinical furniture that’s as good as new, at a fraction of the cost. We carry top models of both Hill Rom and Stryker hospital beds to serve you.

Benefits Of Refurbished Beds

Buying refurbished hospital beds rather than brand new ones comes with a slew of benefits, not the least of which is affordability. While being able to cut your costs is undoubtedly the most common reason for administrators to decide to go with refurbished beds, it’s certainly not the only one.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Great Customer Service From Order To Delivery
  • Tested For Safety & Reliability
  • You’re Supporting A Family-Owned Business

Saving Money & The Planet

When you choose to go refurbished with Gumbo Medical, you’re not only saving yourself money but also lowering your facility’s carbon footprint. You’re assuring that these great beds serve patients longer instead of showing up in a landfill someplace.

Thorough Refurbishments Protect Quality

Refurbished doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality. Every medical bed that comes through our warehouse is carefully reconstructed, cleaned, and tested so that it works like new. Each bed is fitted with a brand new mattress, too.

The Best Refurbished Hospital Beds

We carry both Hill-Rom and Stryker brand hospital beds. Our inventory changes daily. If you don’t see the model you’re looking for, give us a call for the most up-to-date list. Stretch your dollar even further by purchasing your bed in one of our highly-affordable medical suite packages.

  1. Hill-Rom 1000 Medical Surgical Hospital Bed
  2. Hill-Rom Advance
  3. Hill-Rom Advanta
  4. Hill-Rom CareAssist
  5. Hill-Rom Total Care
  6. Hill-Rom VersaCare
  7. Stryker Secure II 
  8. Stryker Go Bed II
  9. Stryker S3 
  10. Stryker LD304 Birthing Bed

Order Your Like New Hospital Bed Today

At Gumbo Medical, we have decades of experience refurbishing hospital equipment for medical and educational facilities. Browse our inventory of top brand used hospital beds. Then, contact us to place your order today. Or call today to find out if we have the exact model you’re looking for in stock.

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